meet mark parren taylor.
mark parren taylor is an award-winning editorial and commercial photographer who is turned to for his distinctive brand of travel, portrait, interior and food photography. His work features in a variety of magazines, books, guides and other media in the UK, US, Europe, east and southeast Asia, and Australia...​​​​​​​
mark trained as an illustrator, then found himself designing books before ending up back where he started as a teenager: behind the camera, looking at life through a lens.
mark is happiest working in a team or alone, close to home or far away, on a single shot or a whole story, to a focused brief or with a make-it-up-as-we-go-along approach ... in the end, he is there to create spot-on content.
mark loves heading on assignment for magazines, brochures and books—in between he's either in the heart of hometown London ... or shooting off somewhere under his own steam. Contact him to see what his plans are—he's always happy to integrate new projects into his trips.
He has extensive libraries full of unique, evocative, flavourful images waiting to be used. See if he's got what you need.

Destinations covered—with many frequently updated and expanded—include

Japan ▪︎ Tokyo ▪︎ Kyoto ▪︎ Nikko ▪︎ Kiso Valley ▪︎ Matsumoto
China ▪︎ Beijing ▪︎ Shanghai ▪︎ Chengdu ▪︎ Chengde ▪︎ Pingyao
Hongkong ▪︎ Macau ▪︎ Taiwan
Thailand ▪︎ Bangkok ▪︎ Isan ▪︎ Hua Hin
Vietnam ▪︎ Laos ▪︎ Cambodia
Malaysia ▪︎ Singapore
Myanmar ▪︎ Burma ▪︎ Yangon ▪︎ Rangoon
US ▪︎ New York ▪︎ California ▪︎ Alaska ▪︎ Arizona
BVI ▪︎ Aruba ▪︎ Bermuda
France ▪︎ Paris ▪︎ Nice ▪︎ Toulouse ▪︎ Cahors ▪︎ Grenoble
Belgium ▪︎ Antwerp ▪︎ Ardennes
Netherlands ▪︎ Amsterdam
Spain ▪︎ Madrid ▪︎ Granada ▪︎ A Coruna
Portugal ▪︎ Lisbon ▪︎ Porto ▪︎ Faro ▪︎ Aveiro
Italy ▪︎ Venice ▪︎ Rome ▪︎ Dolomites

and more... just drop him a line.

Awards and prizes
2023 Winner, Photography Prize, Travel Media Awards
2022 Shortlisted, Photography Prize, Travel Media Awards
2021 Winner, Photography Prize, Travel Media Awards
2021 2nd, Previously Published, Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year
2017 Finalist, Food, Travel Photographer of the Year
2017 Shortlisted, Beautiful Gardens, International Garden Photographer of the Year
2017 Shortlisted, Photography Prize, Travel Media Awards

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